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Restore And Repair Your Precious Gold Jewelry

When a piece of gold jewelry becomes a part of your life, its natural for the colors to wear down over time, hinges and joints to become loose or chains break. That’s why we offer gold jewelry repair for standard gold pieces or custom designs. Come in anytime for an assessment. We welcome all of your questions and will work with you to come up with a solution to get your favorite gold jewelry ready to wear again.

Our Jewelry Repair Services

Though we welcome you to bring us any broken jewelry, even items you may think are beyond repair, these are the jewelry repair services we provide most often:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Repairing Prongs & Tips
  • Rhodium Dips
  • Soldering Broken Clasps, Chains, & Bracelets
  • Jewelry Polishing
  • Shortening or Lengthening Necklaces or Bracelets
  • Replacing Missing Stones
  • New Ring Sizing

Is your jewelry in disrepair? When we love our jewelry, we wear it every day and it really takes a beating, getting scratched and dented along the way. Maybe your wedding ring is a bit tight; that favorite chain is broken; the backs are missing from a pair of earrings; outdated. Perhaps your favorite pieces are just not as shiny and sparkling as they were the day you bought them. These are all problems that we can solve! Come on down to our convenient Grand Rapids store. If you do not see the service you need, feel free to contact our friendly staff at (616) 245-7115

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The Best Gold And Silver Repair Services In Grand Rapids, MI

With our unmatched experience and in-house gold and silver jewelry repair facility hosting the latest technology, equipment, and tools to, we make sure to meet the highest standards and values in the industry.

Gold & Diamond Zone has been a top rated jeweler and gold buyer in Grand Rapids, MI for over 25 years.


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How to Tell if My Jewelry is Silver

Most silver jewelry is sterling silver and should be stamped with a hallmark of either “.925” or “sterling.” Sterling is 92.5% silver. The other 7.5% metal generally is copper.

If your jewelry is stamped “German Silver”, “E.P.N.S.(Electro Plated Nickel Silver), “Alpaca”, or “Nickel Silver” you don’t have sterling silver but rather you have an alloy of Nickel and copper with no silver. Unfortunately we don’t buy these items. If you can’t find the hallmarks on your jewelry, don’t worry. Bring it in and we will gladly test it for you at no cost.

How to Tell if Gold is Valuable

How can I tell if my items are Gold and is Valuable?

On gold pieces, look for Karat markings. Any one of these indicates that your jewelry is gold:

For 8 Karat you will see 375 – this is used primarily in items
For 10 karat you will see: , 10kt, or 417
For 14 karat you will see: , 14kt, or 585
For 18 karat you will see:  18kt, or 750
For 22 karat you will see .917